Don't do things after exercising on the treadmill


The pioneer in the field of treadmills - NingBo Jada Health Tech Co.,LTD. Today, I will introduce to you the things that should not be done after using the treadmill to exercise.
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1. Smoking: Many smokers will smoke a cigarette unconsciously when they have free time after doing anything. This habit is very bad, especially after exercising. Usually smoking is harmful to health. After exercising, the injury will become greater. At the end of the exercise, the body function has not fully recovered from a tense state. At this time, a large amount of oxygen is needed to recover, and smoking at this time will lead to oxygen absorption. The smoothness of the body will become slower, and people will not be so easy to recover from fatigue. What are the benefits of a treadmill

2. Bathing: Many friends who love cleanliness may not be able to stand the sticky body after exercising and sweating. At this time, the first thing that comes to mind is to take a bath immediately. This habit is very bad and can easily lead to diseases. happened. Taking a cold shower immediately after exercising will cause the blood vessels to change from a stretched state to a contracted state immediately, affecting the normal circulation of the blood, destroying the body's resistance, and it is easy to catch a cold. Taking a hot bath will stimulate the skin and muscles to replenish more blood, and the blood supply to the brain and heart will be insufficient, which is prone to dizziness, and even lead to shock in severe cases.

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