What to pay attention to when running on a treadmill


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1. Be sure to warm up
Warming up is really, really important. You can do some stretching first to let the muscles get used to it, and then walk for three or five minutes to let the heart and lungs get used to it.
If you do not do preparatory activities, it is easy to cause muscle strains, joint sprains and other sports injuries, which are more common in cold weather. Don't be sloppy, be sure to warm up, be sure to warm up. What are the benefits of a treadmill
2. Slowly increase the speed, step by step
When running on a treadmill, walk for three or five minutes to allow your heart and lungs to get used to it before you start running. When you first get on the treadmill, don't set the speed too fast. You can start from "3", gradually increase to "", and then to "4", and gradually increase the speed to give the body a process of adaptation. The same is true for setting the slope.
3. The running time should not be too long
In general, when you go to the gym, everyone not only runs, but also does other equipment exercises. Running on the treadmill for too long is easy to cause fatigue, and more importantly, the wear and tear of the joints may also increase, and it will be a burden on the body for more than 1 hour.
Suggestion: Prep for 5 minutes at a slower pace, then run at a faster pace for 20 minutes, and then at a slower pace for 5 minutes to relax. In this way, about 30 minutes at a time, you can achieve better exercise effect.

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