How to choose a treadmill that suits you!


Today NingBo Jada Health Tech Co.,LTD will explain to you how to choose a Full Assembly Treadmill that suits you!
Many runners like the fun of running, but outdoor running is more restricted by the weather. Choose a suitable treadmill to get rid of this limitation! But how to choose a treadmill that suits you? It is recommended to start with the following considerations~ Treadmill analysis article 1: How to choose a treadmill that suits you!
Normally running on cement roads, the body has to bear a weight 3~5 times greater than your own body weight, which greatly increases the load on your knees, and running on a treadmill can effectively reduce this knee injury. Our Full Assembly Treadmill is your perfect choice!
A good treadmill must have a good shock absorption system, and generally make improvements in the impact area and thrust area. This is something that needs to be paid attention to in the purchase.
Generally, for treadmills with better quality, materials with better elasticity and sufficient amount of shock absorption will be selected, which can not only effectively reduce the shock but also play a better supporting role, and will not make the treadmill too soft. Some treadmills of lower quality use a slightly worse material, and some use springs or the like directly as shock absorbers. Such springs are not recommended.
Many people think that as long as the machine does not exceed the marked load-bearing machine, it is suitable for them. This is actually a big misunderstanding. People will have a force called "impact load" when exercising, and a treadmill needs to offset this part of the load-bearing force. Therefore, when buying a treadmill, leave a margin for weight bearing.
The overall running belt needs to pay attention to two aspects: one is the material of the running belt; the other is the effective running belt area, that is, width and length. As long as the running posture is correct, the effective width is 40-1250px; the effective length is related to the height. Generally, the height is about 180, and you need to choose a treadmill with a running belt of more than 41 width.

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