The development history of treadmills


The world’s first heart rate training treadmill was born in 1969. The installation of heart rate monitoring on the treadmill is a major innovation in the world, which points out the direction for the future development of fitness equipment in the world.

The heart rate during exercise is the best monitor for the human body. In Europe and America, monitoring your heart rate, controlling your own exercise intensity and scientific fitness has become a very popular concept, and heart rate fitness has also become a very important fitness indicator. As of 2015, only a few athletes in China realized to monitor their exercise intensity. Control your exercise heart rate within a reasonable target value range, you can easily achieve the weight loss effect while avoiding the injury caused by the transition of exercise. And more importantly, exercise can exercise a person's cardiopulmonary function, and long-term adherence to a proper amount of exercise can reduce the occurrence of various diseases.

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