How to choose a dumbbell bench  


The structure and materials of the dumbbell stool are the most important. It must be strong and stable. Some stools have many functions, but they are very shaky to use. Another thing is that the leather of the stool should be thick, otherwise it will be cracked and peeled off after a short period of time. The phenomenon.
The height of the stool must be appropriate. Make sure that you don’t feel too high when you do bench press. When doing dumbbell rowing, you don’t feel too low. Generally speaking, a height of about 50 cm is more appropriate, and there is also a stool surface. It must be long enough, otherwise you have to stick out from the waist, which is very uncomfortable.
Do not pursue too much function, but I suggest you buy an adjustable bench, the backrest should be able to be adjusted to a 30-degree angle and an angle close to vertical, so that you can perform incline bench presses and dumbbell presses, and pay attention to the seat part. It can be adjusted. When doing the upward oblique press, you need to tilt it up, otherwise it will keep going down.
When protecting dumbbell exercises, the most important principle that should be followed is not to press or hold the position of the joints, otherwise it will greatly affect the exercise effect. Protecting a joint is very important when doing dumbbell exercises. It is best to practice with a friend when doing exercises. It is safe and can increase muscle stimulation, thus making greater progress. We produce quality Dumbbell Bench.

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