Dumbbell rowing with arms bent over


Note for dumbbell rowing with arms bent over:
1. The forward angle of the upper body should not be too large.
2. When pulling up the dumbbells, keep your upper arms close to your body.
3. Return slowly and continue to stimulate the back muscles.
4. When the upper arm is pulled to the high point, it is better to consciously tighten the back.

Teaching with arms bent over dumbbell rowing:
Action details
step 1:
Bend over to be parallel to the ground, hold the dumbbells down naturally, palms backward, and knees slightly bent;
Step 2:
Keep the upper body still, pull the dumbbell to the side of the body with both arms until the dumbbell is attached to the body;

Exercise area
The action becomes:

1. This exercise can be carried out with a low pulley combined with a V-shaped handle, or a barbell.

1. For those with back discomfort, please avoid this exercise or use a low pulley block instead of dumbbells and barbells;
2. The lower back should be kept tight and straight during movement;
3. When pulling up the dumbbells, the elbows should be as close to the torso as possible;

4. The head should look straight ahead.

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