How to improve the effect of running on a treadmill


What kind of training moves do you usually use a treadmill to do, I think everyone will answer me running. In fact, in addition to running with a treadmill, we can also do some other actions. These actions can help us to better reduce body fat, and at the same time, it will double the fun of our training.
So today we are going to recommend a few more difficult movements to everyone. We need to use treadmills to do these movements, so you must know something about treadmills so that we can achieve the best results in our training.
There are three main actions below. Before doing these actions, I recommend that you do some proper stretching actions to let our body fully move and put our body functions in a state suitable for exercise. After doing all the preparatory actions, let's take a look at how to do these actions together.
1. Jump away with a high leg on one side
The name of the first action is the one-sided high-leg-jumping action. When we do this action, we must adjust our running speed on the treadmill. Don’t use a fast speed to do this action. Let us run. The speed of the machine and the speed of our movements are integrated, so that our training can reach the standard, and it will also reduce the chance of our body being injured.

When we do this one-sided high-leg jump, we must make our movement speed even. If you are not very able to master this movement, then you can do it on the spot, and then finish it on the treadmill after you have exercised.

2. Walking upside down + dumbbell curl

The third action, I want to recommend a combined training action to everyone. This action is not as difficult as the previous one, but it can help us effectively reduce fat throughout the body. Before we do this action, we first need to adjust the inclination angle of the treadmill. Most treadmills can adjust the inclination angle, so we also want you to understand the treadmill, so that you can do it better. These actions.

Let our treadmill present an upward sloping angle, and then turn our body back to the treadmill to do a backward walking movement. When doing backward walking, we need to complete the dumbbell curl movement at the same time. The whole movement is required We merged to complete it. If you can't, you can also find a slope with a slope to practice this backward walking action.

3. Lean over and support the palm to crawl
The last action recommended for everyone is leaning over to support the palm to crawl. We don’t want you to bend over and support on the treadmill, because some of our treadmills don’t have such a long length, so we need to put the whole body on the treadmill. On the ground, only put our hands on the treadmill.

After putting our hands on the treadmill, let our body stay in a straight line as much as possible, tighten our abdomen, and follow the speed of the treadmill to complete this palm crawling action. When we are doing this exercise, you can experiment with each speed and find the most suitable training speed to do it.
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