Suggestions on the correct use of treadmill exercise


1. Preparation before running

It is best to put on some looser, casual clothes before running. Sports running shoes must be used. It is a bad habit for some friends to start exercising in work clothes. In addition, prepare a wet towel to hang around your neck or on the armrest of the treadmill for easy access at any time. Take away some of your personal belongings, such as keys, mobile phones, etc.

2. Precautions when running

Do not eat within 50 minutes before and after exercise, just drink some water appropriately. The indoor temperature of the treadmill should not be too high, it should be kept at about 20 degrees. Be sure to pay attention to the circulation of indoor air, otherwise running is very oxygen-consuming, and bodybuilders are prone to fainting due to lack of oxygen. The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is relatively large, and it is necessary to make up for the temperature difference by adding or removing clothes as much as possible, otherwise it is easy to cause physical discomfort.

Friends who usually exercise less should reduce the difficulty, control the speed, and don't run too fast as soon as they go up. When the heartbeat is fast, you should slow down or take a break, especially if you are sick, you must be accompanied by someone. Warm-up exercises should be done before running, including stretching and leg presses
3. Can't run with armrests

Do not run with the armrest on the treadmill. This approach is wrong. The correct approach should be to move the arms and legs with the feet to achieve the purpose of exercise.
4. Speed adaptation

After running for a period of time, you will be sweating profusely and panting. It is best to slow down and take a short rest. Otherwise, you will faint on the treadmill due to discomfort in the middle, which will bring irreversible harm.
5. Don't jump off the treadmill

Many people will jump off the treadmill in a hurry, which is very unsafe. Even if the speed is only 3 km/h, the way to jump off the treadmill will become dangerous due to the superposition of the inertia of the body forward and the running belt backward.
6. Body posture

In terms of running posture, the posture is basically the same as that of road running: wear soft-soled running shoes, keep your back straight, and your head slightly raised; give priority to landing with the arch of your feet first, and slightly bend your knees when your feet are on the ground; swing your arms normally, and your toes Try to move forward as much as possible (avoid inner and outer horoscopes).

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