What is a dumbbell bench


Dumbbell bench, fitness aids. It is often used to assist dumbbells to complete some necessary fitness actions, such as: incline dumbbell bench press, downward oblique dumbbell bench press, flat dumbbell fly, etc. This kind of targeted fitness exercises cannot be completed without the aid of a dumbbell bench. It is also named because of the function of the dumbbell bench. Different from the conventional stool, the dumbbell stool is adjustable, so that people of different body types can perform standard exercises.
Dumbbell benches can help us complete anaerobic exercises in sitting, prone, supine, and reclining states, and have irreplaceable training aids for the parts that are more difficult to exercise for shoulders, arms, back, chest, and leg kicks.

How to use dumbbell benches

1. Dumbbell curls. The support arm plate at the front of the dumbbell bench can make the dumbbell curling action more effective, and is an artifact of biceps training.
2. Lying on the back of the bird. Dumbbell supine bird exercise requires a dumbbell bench with a moderate width and a moderate length, and other equipment cannot be replaced.
3. Prone bird. The usage and function are similar to the supine bird.
4. Dumbbell rowing. For the deltoid muscle and arm muscle training, the effect is good. Although this exercise can also be assisted by an ordinary bench, it is not as good as a dumbbell bench in terms of comfort and efficacy.
5. Bell bench press. This exercise can be done with a bench press, but why not buy a multifunctional dumbbell bench?
6. Push the barbell diagonally. The back of the dumbbell bench can be adjusted for angle and can be used as a strong support for the back. When pushing obliquely, it is not only more efficient, but also can prevent unnecessary sports injuries.
7. Sit-ups. The dumbbell bench can be used for standard sit-ups.
8. Stretch your hamstrings. The hamstrings are better in tension, more controllable, and less pressure on the knees and lumbar spine.
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