7 common exercises to exercise arm muscles with dumbbells


Dumbbells are the most convenient and commonly used fitness equipment during exercise, and are not restricted by venues. Through the correct use of different dumbbell movements, the muscles of all parts of the arm can be fully activated.
The following are 7 common high-efficiency exercises.

1. Dumbbell curl
Hold dumbbells at your side, palms facing each other, and curl upwards with your elbow joint as the fulcrum;
With your palm facing up, rotate your forearms outwards and lift to the highest point to tighten your biceps.
Alternate movement of the hands to exercise the nervous system's ability to control the muscles.
When you reach the highest point, pause and make a reverse curl of your wrist.
2. Dumbbell curls with both hands
Hold a dumbbell in each hand, with your arms hanging down naturally, palms facing each other;
Bend the dumbbell upwards to the top position and tighten the biceps.
After a considerable amount of resistance training, you will feel a lot of blood rushing to the target muscles, and the muscles will feel swelling.
This is the sense of pumping, a sign that measures the effectiveness of fitness training.
3. Seated dumbbell curl
Hold a dumbbell in each hand, palm up, let the load concentrate on the biceps, and curl upward;
Curl to the top state and pause for 2-3 seconds.
4. Seated dumbbell single-arm curl
Sit on a stool with your upper body leaning forward. The elbow joint of the dumbbell hand should be placed on the inner third of the thigh on the same side;
Bend your forearm, or turn your wrist while bending to the best contraction angle, and stay for 1-2 seconds.
5. Dumbbell flexion and extension
Bend over, put one hand on the bench and hold dumbbells in the other;
The triceps must be stretched back and upwards until the arms are fully extended, which allows the triceps to contract to the limit.
6. Single arm flexion and extension behind the dumbbell neck
Hold one end of the dumbbell at the top of the back of the neck, with the palm facing forward, and the upper arm fixed, with the elbow as the fulcrum, with one arm bent up and down for arm flexion and extension.
7, dumbbell supine lift
Lie on your back, hold a dumbbell in each hand, bend your arms, put your hands on both sides of your head; bend your arms beside your head, palms facing each other;
Hold dumbbells in both hands and slowly bend your forearms until your arms are straight on your chest, and pause for 1 to 2 seconds.
When training, even for the same muscle, you should consider using different actions to stimulate, so that you can get a better exercise effect.
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