What are the most common indoor fitness equipment


In the era of national fitness, more and more people pay attention to fitness, so what are the most common indoor fitness equipment?
First of all, the treadmill exercises your bones and muscles, and observes the speed, time, heart rate value, etc. at every moment through the electronic watch; use it to exercise and effectively improve the cardiopulmonary function.

Then, the barbell can be used to increase muscle strength training, whether it is the muscles of the shoulders, back, arms, chest, etc., with the use of barbells and iron plates of different weights, multiple special training techniques for muscle strength are used to target the whole body muscles. Groups do muscle endurance training, which burns fat and transforms it into body-building lines, improves muscles that are still loose after a long time of exercise; in addition, it can also delay muscle aging, increase bone density, and prevent osteoporosis.

Secondly, the fitness riding machine which integrates fitness, entertainment and rehabilitation. Not only can it be used as a training device for professional athletes, it is also a fine product among household indoor fitness equipment. Its main function is to exercise upper and lower limb muscle strength, enhance cardiopulmonary function and eliminate excess fat. Its cushioning design can effectively reduce the strain on the ankle, knee and back caused by exercise. This machine can be folded for easy storage and is currently the aerobic exercise equipment with the smallest footprint.

There is also an exercise bike, which can freely exert its own riding speed. Through the electronic watch on the exercise bike, observe the speed, time, heart rate value, etc. at every moment; using it for exercise can not only effectively improve the cardiopulmonary function, but also It helps to strengthen leg muscles, lose weight and improve overall physical fitness. It is especially suitable for patients with limited mobility, weak physique, and rehabilitation patients.

Finally, the elliptical orbiting machine, also known as the space walker, is a fitness equipment that integrates walking, jogging, and stationary cycling. Its fitness movements are just in line with people’s natural strides, and they will not cause significant damage to human joints. Damage to the human body due to the impact of the impact, can move the muscles of the upper and lower limbs at the same time, especially the legs and buttocks. During exercise, it is through the coordination of hands and feet to achieve the purpose of fitness. Mainly based on aerobic exercise, it has the effect of fat removal and weight loss, especially by young women. Almost everyone from children to the elderly can use it.
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