Does the home use treadmill need maintenance?


Regular maintenance of the home use treadmill will extend the life of the treadmill and ensure that it can run smoothly. Home  use treadmill is a long-term investment, taking care of it means getting the best exercise in the longest time. Below we have listed several treadmill maintenance recommendations. Take the big-name treadmill as an example. Following these instructions, the treadmill will maintain its best condition.
Daily treadmill maintenance and maintenance tips
Before getting on the machine, be sure to check it quickly to make sure everything is in order. Look for any damaged, broken or loose parts.
Make sure you wear clean shoes. Mud and dust on outdoor running shoes can clog the treadmill and cause bigger problems in the future!
After you finish exercising, be sure to wipe the treadmill well. Sweat and dust on the treadmill will accumulate. It is recommended to wipe it with a soft cloth and non-abrasive cleaner. Before performing this operation, turn off the treadmill and unplug it.
In addition, be sure to wipe the handle of the treadmill. Wiping off sweat and grease from your hands after each use will keep the reading accurate.
Treadmill weekly maintenance
Before performing any cleaning or maintenance, make sure that the treadmill is unplugged to avoid electric shock!
You can use non-abrasive cleaners, or soap and warm water, to wipe the handle and console area, but avoid using any cleaners on the treadmill belt and rollers.
Check the drum to make sure it runs smoothly. Remove dust, dirt or pet hair around the drum by wiping along the exposed edges of the pile. There is no need to force your hands to clean them, this will only cause movement of the running belt.
Dust and dirt under the treadmill can be sucked into the running belt and vents, causing overheating and unnecessary wear and tear. If the treadmill is placed in one place, make sure that the dust under the treadmill is clean.
Treadmill monthly maintenance
Clean the running belt of the treadmill to eliminate the accumulation of dust or debris. "The performance will be maximized when the running belt is kept as clean as possible. The surface of the textured belt can be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution and nylon scrubbing brush."
Over time, these parts of bolts or screws will loosen. This is normal. Check and tighten them every time for maintenance to avoid any loss of parts. Be careful not to over-tighten, otherwise it will cause more damage.
The treadmill is maintained every 3 months
Check the lubrication and wear of the running belt every three months. This is very important to ensure that the treadmill runs smoothly.
It is easy to check whether the treadmill belt needs lubrication. Slide your hand in and feel the underside of the running belt. If the running belt is lubricated properly, the fingers will feel greasy. When lubricating the treadmill, be sure to use 100% silicone lubricant. Spray to the center of both sides under the running belt. Once the entire length of the running belt has been sprayed, rotate it repeatedly to ensure that the lubricant covers the entire running belt.
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