What kind of treadmill is more practical to choose


1. Appropriate parameters
The first consideration for general users to choose a treadmill is price and function. In fact, this is not the most important thing, but should choose the one that suits them, based on their weight and fitness purpose.
Most treadmills weighing less than 60 kg can meet the requirements. Those weighing less than 80 kg need a more sturdy treadmill. For those weighing more than 90 kg, not every treadmill can meet the requirements. For more professional treadmills, you also need to choose a sturdier treadmill. Why has the emphasis on "sturdiness" all the time. Many treadmills on the Internet now weigh less than 50 kilograms, and people with more than 100 kilograms run on them. The shaking is very large. Not to mention that the treadmill falls apart, and people are easily injured. You are working out, not hurting yourself.
In general, it is better to choose a treadmill that is similar to or exceeds your own weight. The weight of the treadmill needs to be considered as an important parameter for choosing a treadmill.
The motor is the heart of the treadmill. This parameter must be paid attention to. The merchants often mark the maximum motor power. In fact, the continuous power is the most important thing. The motor has a continuous power of 1P. If an adult runs for less than 1 hour at most, don’t use it again. No It won’t take long to break. This is our experience, and many domestic machines have a lot of moisture on this parameter.
Motor continuous power of 2P to 3P is more suitable for families. Commercial treadmills are generally available from 4P to 6P. It can be seen that the greater the power, the better, but the price is also more expensive. The general standard power of international brands is continuous power. 2.25p can be used when the body weight is under 85 kg, and its peak power can withstand a load of 85 kg body weight.
The width of the running belt is also a parameter that needs to be considered. The width of the running belt is the running area. As long as it is a little wider than your own shoulders, it can be satisfied. At present, domestic treadmills on the market range from 40 cm to 50 cm. Commercial treadmills are generally above 50 cm. The use needs to consider the room size and the width of the door. In our experience, 45 cm is relatively moderate, and 42 cm is sufficient for women. Of course, 50 cm is more comfortable, unless you are fat paper or more demanding.

The width of the running belt also determines the width of the treadmill. Generally, the door of an apartment is 80 cm, and the width of the double door (child-mother door) is greater than 80 cm. The width of elevator doors is mostly 80 cm or 90 cm, or even wider, and there are few elevator doors less than 80 cm. Therefore, when choosing a treadmill, you need to consider the width of the treadmill. If you don't move, you will encounter difficulties, and you will have to disassemble the treadmill. For renters, this issue needs to be considered. If you need to put it in a bedroom or study room, the door of this part is narrower. The width of the treadmill we recommend is also less than 80 cm, and it will not look too obtrusive at home. If the treadmill is too large, it will be a little uncoordinated.

2, look at functions rationally
Let's talk about the functions of treadmills. Treadmills are divided into two categories according to their functions. One is a treadmill with slope adjustment, and the other is without slope adjustment. The slope adjustment here refers to electric slope adjustment, not manual adjustment. This is an important function of the treadmill, and many other functions are tasteless.
The slope of the treadmill is a very important function. There is a slope of 1 to 2 degrees when running, which can relieve the impact on the knees. Treadmills with no slope are generally designed with this problem in mind. They all have a slope of 1 to 2 degrees, and they are not level. For those who have just started to work out, there is no need to slope. Generally, slopes are needed only when the difficulty needs to be increased after a few months of running. When we recommend treadmills, we will recommend them according to the needs of users. After all, treadmills with slopes are more expensive. If you are buying a treadmill, you need to consider your perseverance and persistence. If you exercise for a long time, buy one with a slope.
Other functions of the treadmill, such as displaying time, calories, distance, speed, etc., are common treadmills, some treadmills can also display data in the mobile phone, and some have video functions. Treadmills with video will definitely be more expensive, but I think a tablet or mobile phone can replace this function without spending more money. The more complex the function, the more easily it breaks. But some high-end treadmills have a video track, which makes you feel like you are running on the track, which is not bad, and of course the price goes up. 
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