It's all about running. You can run for a long time on the treadmill. Why not outdoors?


Of sport and the vast majority of people, especially the love running the fitness movement, in many cases, because of the temperature or with pneumonia outbreak or running in the evening, can't go out morning exercise will choose at home or fitness center on the treadmill for exercise, but many people feel able to persevere longer time on the treadmill, think the way for a long time, But once you move outside, you feel like you won't be able to escape for long, which is completely different from running on a treadmill. We can find out why in detail below.

The design of the treadmill is a very big reason

On the treadmill, sometimes is likely to run 5 km, and even persistence out 5 km in the outdoor, lead to this situation is also more, because of the first, is on the design point of view, the treadmill did many more easily than outdoor running, because it has a tight belt drive everyone is to carry out running, in the case of every step ladder, It's actually going to have a springback energy.

For runners itself, that must be a lot of work ability reduces the cost, but after the migration to outdoor, each step ladder down touch all is extremely safe roads, I didn't notice to a rebound elasticity, therefore On the energy cost will be relatively large, as a comparison, actually treadmill costs relatively less, relatively will be more easily.

The natural environment can also harm the cost of energy

The second reason, the key is due to the problem of the natural environment, running machine are all in the room in, near the natural environment is no change at all, runners are usually only have to with great concentration itself is ok, for other things around without too much energy to care about, so can reduce the cost of their own physical fatigue also reduces a lot of, Most of us are in a stress relief situation, and we feel happier and more confident, so we can run a lot more easily.

In addition, due to the fitness club in most all of people in a certain way fitness, so in this kind of feeling and pure natural environment, is likely to be more money into the fitness of itself, in view of the energy cost is not so sensitive, and probably because in the crowd, plenty of exercise will provoke itself kinetic energy, so the general situation, In the fitness club on the treadmill exercise, will persist for a long time, and not easy to feel tired, in turn, will feel very relaxed.

And after go to the outdoor, the surrounding natural environment will remain in shift, you are likely not easy with great concentration to exercise itself, but can cause a certain curiosity to the surrounding things, will separate some energy, so the body fatigue will be particularly significant, and the surrounding people is likely to be in a leisurely walk.

Or is driving to ride a bicycle, resulted in a completely different comparison, is likely to exacerbate psychological state of fatigue, mood is not so good, in view of the energy cost is relatively large, so in the outdoor running conditions, due to the dangers of many elements, is likely to feel to very tired, That's a lot less than the number of kilometers you run at the gym.

The intervention of external machinery and equipment is also important

The third reason, it is electronic products, due to carry out under the condition of running on a treadmill, can at the same time to watch some video, or listen to music that, for the vast majority of people, migration concentration, can relieve fatigue of the actual effect, and all the room temperature is not easy to happen very big difference, most is very smooth, But in the outdoors, although you can listen to music, you can't watch video, so you can't divert your attention. Instead, you will be distracted by things around you.

In addition, the temperature of outdoor is every moment of the day in the change, is likely to be cool at the beginning, but, after running for a period of time the temperature will gradually rise, also the body of one will lead to certain damage, the body is an integrated into the whole process of must sum up will feel very tired, so compared to the fitness center, outdoor running rate will decrease, Even will not be able to persevere.
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